Welcome to the YELLOW JACKET Product Registration Page

Thank you for purchasing a YELLOW JACKET® product, and for taking the time to register it. YELLOW JACKET Product Registration is quick, easy and secure, and allows us to contact you in the unlikely event that a safety notification is required.

YELLOW JACKET product registration is voluntary; failure to register will not diminish your limited warranty rights.

Step 1: Enter Owner Information

Your email address will be used for nothing other than to register your warranty and contact you about any warranty claims. It will not be used for marketing purposes.

Step 2: Enter Product Information

You will find the "Product/Model" number printed on the product packaging, the instruction manual, and the product itself.

You will find the "Serial" number printed on the product packaging and the product itself. It can be:

  1. Month and Year (e.g. 06/07)
  2. Letter followed by six numbers (e.g. B123456)
  3. Eight numbers
  4. Nine numbers

Required for Series 41 Limited Edition Brass Manifold only.

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